About Us

Make a difference.

The long term vision statement of Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Inc. is to contribute to putting an end to the epidemic of bullying among today’s youth, empowering them through counseling, life skills training, open communication, and creative outlets.

To accomplish this vision in the short term, we provide access to professional speakers and counselors, from the surrounding community, who are able and willing to assist these youths by providing their various needs.

For the long term, we strive to create awareness of the deeper problems bullying creates in the community as well as the possible solutions to these problems. This way, we shall contribute to building a strong community and nation.

The Stop Bullying Now Foundation is looking for volunteers.  Professional counselors and speakers are needed as well as telephone volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer and make a difference in your community contact Lowell Levine – Email: [email protected] Telephone: 561-374-0673